Welcome to our house!

East End Neighborhood House’s mission is to provide the families of our community culturally diverse and compassionate social services, education and activities so that each member—from child to senior—can become self sufficient and thrive.

We dream of a strong community where every member is empowered through tools, knowledge and support to be productive, loving and resilient.

Our programs and services are based upon our core belief that

“to engage another person in an authentic way releases the most powerful energy that can change our neighborhood and perhaps our world.” –Ubuntu

Three important values are the focus of our programs: prevention, community development and advocacy. Specialized services are available for:

  • Children facing behavioral/mental health challenges.
  • Families needing the tools to avoid foster care involvement.
  • Helping families to reunify with their children when it is in their best interest.

Building a stronger community…one individual and family at a time.

Call 216-791-9378 to schedule your Purpose Tour and find out how we can serve YOU and how you can connect with US!

family services

System of Care (Family to Family/Tapestry) provides services to families who are at risk of involvement with Department of Children & Family Services. READ MORE

individual learning services east end neighborhood house

East End Individual Learning Center provides high expectations and respect for children and their talents through cultural awareness, independence, choice & problem solving. READ MORE

youth services east end neighborhood house

East End Youth Services enhance children’s learning during out of school time hours. READ MORE

senior services east end neighborhood house

Seniors are a vital part of our neighborhoods, and we’re a gathering place for them all. READ MORE

foster grandparent program

The Foster Grandparent Program are seniors aged 55+ that contribute their wisdom and experience to guide the younger generation. READ MORE

Alcoholism is a difficult problem for every community. We offer a helping hand. READ MORE

Learn more about our partner school Hathaway Brown

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