Our mission is to provide the families of our community culturally diverse and compassionate social services, education and activities so that each member- from child to senior – can become self sufficient and thrive!

Our practice is to operate as a collective; to SEE each other and those we serve.  “I am because we are…Ubuntu!”

We believe and envision a world where families are empowered through tools, knowledge and support to become productive, loving and resilient members of their community.

All programs at East End Neighborhood House share values in three areas of focus:

1. Prevention
2. Community development
3. Advocacy. 

These values are driven by fundamental tenets from the settlement house movement, the humanistic philosophy of Ubuntu, and principles of Kwanzaa. These fundamental tenets simply represent the philosophy that “to engage another person in an authentic way releases the most powerful energy that can change our neighborhood and perhaps our world.”

Join our movement for connectedness and collective growth.

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